Private Funds


Through our own MCL Cayman Fund Platform and working in partnership with our licensed Type 9 partner in Hong Kong, MCL offers you the services to setup your own Private Fund as well as Access to Private Equity.

Private Fund Setup

We are able to help you setup a Private Fund to allow pooling of your wealth on a collective basis so that you may have people within and outside the family investing in a common entity. Putting your investments in a Fund allows for easier entries, exits, capital raising as well as tracking. Jurisdiction like Singapore and Hong Kong provide tax incentives to Fund Managers who allows you the owners of the Fund to enjoy certain tax incentives for your funds in such investment vehicles.

A private fund is a closed-ended structure set up for a specified group of investors. The units or shares of the structure are only accessible to the participating investors or the wealth structures administered for them. Private funds have proved popular with wealthy families, investment club members and other partners looking to invest in a range of asset classes on a collective basis. Private funds provide a way to consolidate assets and gain a clearer view of the collective pool of wealth.

When it comes to fund management experience, the firm is currently managing various funds with different products such as Private Equity, Real Estate, European Equity and some other privately managed accounts.