About Us



MCL was founded by 3 distinguished professionals, namely Mr. Aubrey Li, Mr. David Yu and Mr. Brian Lee in 1998. The original name was Management Capital Limited and later renamed MCL Partners Limited. The firm started out as a boutique corporate finance advisory firm and later expanded its activities to include private equity financing and asset management. In 2013, MCL went through a restructuring, spun off its IFA division and brought in key strategic shareholders to reposition itself as a platform supporting High Net Worth Individuals and Multi-Family Offices. MCL is now a larger and more diversified financial services provider now renamed as MCL Financial Group Ltd.

Mission Statement

Passion and Innovation drives our business, our client relationship and our solutions. The world is changing, the financial industry landscape is changing even faster, MCL Financial is at the forefront of this industry change. We have within our firm some of the best talents in the financial industry. Together, our professional team is devoted solely to you the client, delivering investment banking, corporate banking, private banking and fund solutions to meet your corporate, family and personal financial needs.
Financial services is a knowledge based industry, our team of professionals and advisors comes from diverse mix of industry and specialist background but all with a common goal – to leverage on the experience and expertise of each team member to create the unique value proposition to you, our client.

Our Values

These simple statements represents the way we do business:

We believe in the traditional values of hard work and dedication.

Passion and Innovation drives our business, our client relationship and our solutions.

Experience, Professionalism and Integrity are traits our employees bring to you.

Our Services

We provide to the investment and advisory needs of mid to large businesses and high net worth individual/family offices within Asia. Our services encompass wealth management and private funds, with a focus on small-mid size growth equity and global real estate investment.

Business families relationship

Our current partners comprise of second generation leading business families in Asia and entrepreneurs who have successfully built their own business empires. MCL clients benefit from generations of business experience and industry expertise together with financial advice from not only financial experts but also from leading business individuals.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is composed of MD level executives from leading financial institutions. In aggregate, they have over 100 years of financial industry experience. Their deep network in the financial industry together with the experience and wisdom that they have accumulated in their career has enabled MCL rapidly to address and effectively resolve clients concerns and needs.

Our Strategic Partners

CEG through CEG Capital is focused on real estate investments, alternative investments and asset management.