Our offerings are focused on serving the needs of you, our client. We work with you to establish your financial goals and investment preferences. Whether you are opening an account with us as a personal account, corporate account, family office account or funds account, you will be serviced by one of our Relationship Managers who will offer you personalized service and professional advice throughout your investment journey with us. Depending on your investment preference and portfolio requirements, we offer a mix of Active Advisory mandate, Execution-Only mandates and/or Discretionary Mandates.

Active Advisory Mandates

Active Advisory mandates suit investors who prefer a consultancy and hands-on approach when dealing with their investment portfolio. Our RMs will only execute your orders upon your instructions. Advisory mandates will enable you to take ownership of your investments while receiving advice from our RM.

Execution-Only Mandates

Suitable for the highly experienced and seasoned investors, MCL offers you execution only services without advice. As an execution-only client, we provide you access to the world’s top stock exchanges and OTC markets. Our mini-prime brokerage allows you access to credit and custody services similar to hedge funds and investment funds. You will need to be closely involved with your investments and be free to adjust your portfolio at any time to react to changing market conditions.

Managed Mandates

We work with you in defining your investment goals and risk appetite and we invest on your behalf based on a special mandate or themed approach. Your plan will be managed by MCL, where our investment advisor will tailor-make a portfolio of funds to meet your investment objectives and risk tolerance level. We conduct regular portfolio reviews with you and portfolio adjustments as part of our advisory service. This mandate allows you time to focus on your core business while we provide you periodic reports and updates

Investment Banking Solutions

Being a diversified financial services firm, we are able to help you with your financing and liquidity needs. For example, if you are planning to expand your business, you may need private equity or debt financing, MCL is able to structure and raise the financing you need by tapping on our network of Funds, Family Offices and other high net worth individuals to provide the necessary financing. Alternatively if you are looking to divest your business or expand, MCL will be able to help you find a strategic buyer or investor to take over the stakes of your company.

In MCL, is a partner that serves all your personal, family and business needs.

Succession Planning

Handing over wealth to the next generation is never easy. We have the experience in advising on the appropriate structure as well as helping you navigate through the potential pitfalls to ensure your family’s wealth remain secure and continue to grow in generations to come. A succession plan is developed to detail how the owner will transition over a period of time out of the company’s day to day operations. Succession planning differs slightly from “exit planning”. Succession planning is based on potentially transferring the owner’s role internally to a family member already employed in the business or a member of the existing management team. An exit plan implies that there is an external alternative also being considered such as a sale to a third party (strategic or financial buyer) or an initial public offering (IPO). Our panel of law firms are able to provide legal advice, draft trusts and other legal documents, as well as advise on asset protection, business succession planning, and charitable giving. Our wealth managers work closely with the attorneys to ensure the advice is aligned with your overall goals. The combination of experience coupled with our coordinated approach forms an estate plan that fits in with your overall financial plan and goals.